Friday, October 31, 2008


I told my sister I would post about her "Spooktacular" event she planned and put together for the South Davis Recreation Center so here it goes:
This event is very similar to Clearfield City's Booanza event. I like the events at the Spooktacular more. Mainly because the games are more geared to younger kids. Now I'm not talking under the age of 3 but really any child from 3-12 would have fun at this event. Lots of fun Halloween themed games to play and everyone dresses up. If you haven't been make sure you give it a try next year.

Now on the update from this house. The kids are overly excited for Halloween. It's all they have talked about for oh about the last 21 days. Tomorrow is the big night and I hope it's all they hope it will be. Fun things mom has planned for the day:
Spider web obstacle course. Hopefully I wake up before the kids so I can get the web laid out so in order to leave the bedroom they will have to fight their way through a spider web.
Breakfast is going to be orange pumpkin pancakes.
Lunch will be mummy dogs and black mac and cheese.
After lunch we are going to bob for apples until day comes home.
I made caramel apples and used chocolate for a web design. I have some plastic spiders to add to the apples.
Dinner will be eyeballs (meatballs with green olives on them) on ants (rice). Along with mold stumps (stuffed mushrooms) and brains (a watermelon minus the rind and carve somewhat).
Trick or treating and then about a dozen Halloween books before bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008


The Disney section. The kids loved the fact that Buzz Lightyear was there.

The Charlie Brown pumpkin. Zachary is a huge fan of the Peanut Gang. They also had a Snoopy pumpkin but the picture wasn't so good.

Goofing around at the very beginning of the walk.

So out of the blue I decide I wanted to take the kids to the Syracuse City Pumpkin walk. My big plan was to go yesterday but as usual plans had to be adjusted. We went tonight and had loads of fun. The best part was it was FREE. We got there early, it was suppose to start at 7 and lucky for us we did go early. We left around 7:45 and the line was long with long waits to walk through the display. Honestly it exceeded what I thought it would be and I can't wait to do it again next year, adding another family tradition to our life.

Here's the website about the pumpkin walk:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/23/08 Part Two

I have to post what we did in history today since Nathan really enjoyed the lesson today. We learned about China and the Chinese New Year. We made an envelope to give to each other with the Chinese Zodiac and a special treat. Then we made paper lanterns. Finally he made a dragon to parade around the house with. We then watched a movie about the Chinese New Year and he loved it. I think of all the history lessons we've done so far this one has been his favorite.


I voted yesterday. Funny thing was I wanted to vote early to avoid lines since I'd be dragging the kids along with me and I still stood in line. I guess the lines were probably shorter than any line I would have stood in on election day but I didn't expect to have to wait in line. I stood in line just to get to the election clerks desk for about 35 minutes. After that I had about a 5 minute wait for a voting machine. Overall a much shorter wait than I'd expect on election day though.

Nathan has moved on to the continent of Asia. Tuesday we learned about China and made a dragon boat. Today we finish our tour of China. I think he really enjoyed the activities we did for China. Also in reading he's been reading the complete stories of Peter Rabbit. Yesterday we read about Benjamin rabbit and afterwards made some cute little puppets. All three boys enjoyed making the puppets and then acting out little scence from the story. In the end they just started making up new stories because they were having so much fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Instead of our usual pumpkin patch pictures we have these. Mainly because these were free from our csa. They aren't as cute as a huge pile of pumpkins with kids climbing all over them but I have to say the kids had way more fun picking pumpkins here then they ever did at the big pumpkin pile. First watching the boys run through the patch was funny. They kept tripping over the vines. Second Noah kept yelling "Mine is going to be the biggest one ever", and then he'd pick one and change his mind. Third Nathan walked all the way through then decided he wanted the first one he saw but couldn't remember where it was. Fourth Zachary wanted the biggest ever pumpkin and ended up with one the size of a pie pumpkin. All in all it was fun and the kids are still talking about it.
Nathan just finished learning about the continent of Europe. He mailed postcards today to family about the countries he learned. If you receive one please give him a call. He was so excited to mail them and he took forever to pick the perfect picture and country for each person.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Saturday was our second annual trip to Black Island farms and their corn maze and pumpkin patch hay ride. True to last year the weather was horrible. We rushed to get the kids through the activities and it felt like we were rushing through everything. Honestly though, this year was loads better than last year since last year we trodded through mud while walking the corn maze. We are suppose to have a field trip there tomorrow with the UTVA but I think we are going to skip the trip. I'm posting a few pictures of our trip. But boy am I glad we decided to go on Saturday instead of Sunday since we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on Sunday.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Winter is coming. I'm not thrilled. The boys are not going to be happy cooped up inside during the winter. I'm not going to be happy dealing with cranky kids who are constantly fighting because of close quarters. But I am thrilled that the holidays are coming. All of my kids are finally old enough to "get" the holidays. They've been so thrilled seeing everyone's Halloween decorations and they begged me to get some for our house. Now I have to admit I use to go all out decorating for the holidays but several years ago someone kept stealing my decorations and I lost all interest in decorating the outside. The boys have convinced me to buy a few decorations and although our house doesn't look as neat as some other homes the boys are happy with what we've done. So now I just have to convince Don to go all out on decorating the house for Christmas. Mr Scrooge himself. I wonder if I will be able to convince him to put up some lights this year.