Monday, May 31, 2010

Freezer Burn

I've noticed something about the twins head. When they get their hair cut really short they have two tiny bald spots. So joking I said to my husband that they must have freezer burn. However he did not find that funny. For those who know us the twins are the result of a frozen embryo transfer hence the reason I joked about them having freezer burn.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wrapping Up the School Year

I can't believe its been 23 days since I last posted. I've been so busy. I haven't even kept up on my food blog and then I started another blog that I've just been slacking in posting on. Oh well at least life's been interesting.

We've been working on finishing up all the rest of the workbooks we have. We finished all the k12 courses and will only be doing their science program on our own. I feel confident in my ability these days and I don't feel the need to have someone direct me. I do have the option of rejoining k12 in all courses if we feel we need to.

I've been slowly adding the items we will need for next year. The kids are getting excited at all the goodies that have been arriving. I'll post more details on exactly what are plans are when it all arrives and I start getting things organized. We are adding a Latin program next year which from the looks of it will be loads of fun for us. Nathan will continue doing math and reading throughout the summer. The twins will continue with Rusty and Rosie until July 1st, math, and reading. I'll probably have the twins work on handwriting too.

Nathan is looking forward to the Toy Story 3 movie next month. He is counting down the days till the movie opens. I don't think I've seen a bigger fan of Toy Story. If you have any questions on any Toy Story movie Nathan is your man to answer.

Noah is looking forward to camping, the aquarium, and Lagoon. Guess I'll have to splurge and buy a ticket for Lagoon once this year.

Zachary is just Zach. Not sure which brother he wants to follow or if he just wants to do his own thing. Still waiting for him to tell me what he wants to do this summer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freaky Night Thursday Night

What a night Thursday night! I was on the bed watching television when I noticed two eyes staring at me from inside the drawer of the dresser. The television sits on top of the said dresser so at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and it was from the television. So I turned the television off. I could still see the eyes. Again I assumed I just needed a few minutes to adjust. I waited about five minutes and the eyes were still there.

So I guess I should let you know I have a very intense fear of rodents, especially mice. I also have a cat who loves bringing in his live captures and letting them lose in the house sometimes. So of course the first thought is this is a mouse in the drawer. Running through my head are thoughts of what to do. Shut the drawer and pray the mouse doesn't escape before morning. Scream at the top of my lungs until Don hears me, he's downstairs trying to get the kids use to their new room, or just ignore it and hope it goes away. Well I chose the last option. Less scary it seemed at the time.

About thirty minutes later I become aware that it is now moving in the drawer and it's much bigger than I thought. New thoughts, it's either an escaped rat that is super sized or a raccoon that somehow got lost in our city and made his way into our house. That's when I noticed it was moving towards the front of the drawer. Now it's eyes are focused right on me and our basset hound realizes there is something in the drawer. He's showing signs of being scared. This scares me even more if he's nervous. All of a sudden the creature in the drawer leaps out at my face and the dog.

I'm screaming and the dog just gets up and heads outside. He leaves me to deal with the creature that is now attacking me. It's also at this point that I realize it's our cat and not some super sized rat or raccoon. Why do I always forget he loves sleeping in obscure places where he won't be disturbed?