Monday, October 15, 2012


I've been lazy with the blog again. I've been so stinking busy I just haven't had much time to anything let alone keep up on the blog.
Let's see:
Started going to church again.
Called to be an assistant cub master.
Planning commission member for my city.
Taught Relief Society a few times.
Book group with ladies from church.
Training to run a 1k at Thanksgiving. Yea too chicken to do a 5k.
Baptism for a child.
Homeschooling 3 kids.
Helping a neighbor who decided to homeschool.
Dealing with an adult neighborhood bully.
Trying to get house clean.
Cleaning up the yard in preparation for winter.
Helping an elderly neighbor to move into assistant living.
Helping my mentally slow neighbors with everyday life.
Playing those dang iphone games late at night to destress.
Watching Gilmore Girls and The Closer later at night in an effort to destress.
Starting cooking lessons for half the ladies in the ward.
Taking dinner every night to a friend who is not in a good place right now.
Canning, baking, and just overall cooking for my family.

Man I've tired myself out just thinking of what I do.