Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday June 28

I don't know whats gotten into the boys the last couple of days but they are driving me nuts. They are crabby and constantly fighting with each other. Most often its Nathan and Zachary fighting over something stupid. I've been working on the potty training this week but thats not going over well. Noah seems to think that when he feels the urge to pee he needs to run to the nearest brother or dog and pee on them.

The 4th of July is coming up. I've been trying to decide if I want to take the boys to the parade. I don't want to take them by myself and I haven't been able to get anyone who was willing to help me to commit to helping me so I think we'll be staying home. I've asked a few people and either I get brushed off or told that they may be doing other things. I think we'll head over to the park after Don gets home, just in time to have Noah enter the watermelon eating contest. Then I think we'll stay at the park and have dinner and watch the fireworks.

Honestly I've had it with most people, family members included. I thought of having a cook-out like we normally do but I hate the lets come over and eat and leave thing. I'd actually like to spend time with my family but none wants to spend time with us. I think I've finally got the hint.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday June 18 Part Two

I just have to share a Nathan funny. We were at the swimming pool late this afternoon and Nathan and I are standing outside the locker room waiting for the twins and Don when a lady with a little boy about age one walks by. Nathan says to the lady "Hi I'm Nathan. Why do you only have one baby? We have two, Noah and Zachary." The lady was nice and asked him if he had two younger brothers and Nathan said "No I have two babies named Noah and Zachary, why do you only have one?" The lady said "Oh do you have twin brothers?" Nathan said "Yes and we are having three more!" So the lady turns to me and says "Did I hear that correctly, your having triplets after having twins?" So I had to explain how Nathan doesn't quite grasp the concept of other people only having babies one at a time.

Monday June 18

Well I've gained 8 lbs in the last month. So instead of losing weight I'm gaining. This sucks. Almost makes me want to stop exercising since its not helping.

Today we go to the gym. We drop the kids off in daycare and head for the weight room. We workout a little then Don says I don't think parent-tot time is happening in the pool today which I know I've told him is over until summer is over. So he goes and looks at the time for swimming and comes back and says "Public swimming doesn't start until 1pm." For most this would not be a big deal but our boys love swimming so this was going to be hard when we needed to pick them up by 11am. So after doing weights I say to Don I want to go to the hot tub for awhile but he says to me we need to pick up the boys. I tell him to go change and I'd go get the boys and met him in the lobby. Guess what he did? He went to the hot tub and sat there for 20 minutes while I struggled with the boys in the lobby. He claims he didn't hear me say I was going to get the boys yet he's the one who said we needed to go get the boys. Whatever. I'm pissed and still pissed even 3 hours after it happened.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday June 15

Well it was our anniversity today and we didn't do anything. We were going to get take out from our favorite Greek place but my father called and wanted us to join him at the KFC up the street up from our house. He wanted to try the buffet. I couldn't find the heart to tell him their buffet is gross so we went. I don't think Don was too happy but we can get greek for lunch tomorrow and it will be cheaper. We got tons of stares because of our "triplets." I really wish people wouldn't stare, I have no problem talking about it but I just hate people staring.

We went walking again today and what a chore that was. First Nathan and Zachary didn't want to wake up and I almost left them sleep but decided I needed to go so I wouldn't slack off. Then Nathan didn't want to go. After finally getting everyone up and ready we made it to the park. The boys did better today than they have been doing but it still was a challenge. I can't wait for the day that they finally get it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday June 14

Finally got back to walking today. I woke the boys up early and off we went to the city trail to walk. Again the boys wanted to walk and then before we were done with our route they wanted to go to the playground. I ended up strapping them into the stroller and listened to them scream bloody murder for another 15 minutes before taking them to the playground. Hopefully the more we walk the more they will realise that I'm not going to let them play until we get some walking done. On another note some stupid idiot thought the trail was a ROAD and was angry at me and others for walking on the road. It took him almost 10 minutes before he left the trail with his car. Yes he was driving down the trail in his car. Next time I'll call the cops as both Don and my father were upset that I didn't.

Today Nathan worked on his "homework" and worked on the numbers 1-5. He does really good but he really needs to work on writing. He stinks. I'll have to look around and see what type of handwriting curriculm I can find. I hear that the Handwriting without tears is a good program. I wish I could get him interested in the process of learning to read. He seems quite happy just memorizing books from me reading to him but I really want him to start reading the words. We are starting the Earth school Bug curriculm this week. This covers reading, math, pe, and several other areas. The books she suggested are big hits right now with the boys so this should be a fun few weeks.

Zachary and Noah have been boogers about sleeping the last few days. They want to watch tv late at night instead of sleeping. Guess they forgot that mom declared television after 9 pm has to be shows mom wants to watch. Tonight Zachary about croaked from not being able to watch his show.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday June 10 Part II

My twins have a secret language. I know I shouldn't be surprised but I didn't think it would happen. Not only do they have a secret language but they can communicate without speaking. The first time I thought it was a fluke but it keeps happening. Also the way the defend each other is cute but watch out if one is mad at the other. The do know how to push each others buttons.

Sunday June 10

What a freaking day. I hate today. I hate the fact that I'm pissed. I was suppose to go for my birthday get away from the kids today and now I'm not. Why? Because there never was a time decided and I was forgotten. Then after I call I get told that we can still work it out but hey by that time its 2 pm and I already had decided what to do for that day. The biggest thing is that I was told by my husband that the offer was only good the weekend of my birthday so now I don't get to go. Whatever. I'm use to not getting anything but for some reason it bothers me this year. Reminder for myself for next year, don't count on anything or get excited about anything.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday June 9

The kids didn't go to sleep until after 1 a.m. last night. I'm not sure what time they fell asleep as I fell asleep before they did. I made them get up early this morning and they weren't too happy but thats what they get. No naps yet today, I am hoping they will go to bed early but its 8:15 p.m. and they are still running around.

For our workout today instead of going to the pool and gym we walked the path that I plan on walking during the week. Zachary walked the whole way but was so so slow. We let the boys play at the park and then went to the library where they acted like uncontrolled kids. Honestly I should not take the boys there anymore unless its just one of them. They love picking out videos and books but its too stressful with all three of them. We took them to Pace's for lunch so Nathan could have his favorite food- CORNDOGS.

I really need to get serious on the diet again. I'd really like to lose 25 lbs before the end of July.

Got this from a board I read on and found it interesting so I'm posting it here. I checked the book out from the library today and I am loving it. I think I may have to buy my own copy of the book.
Time has a really interesting photo essay showing what typical families around the world eat for a week... as well as the cost of food. I'm shocked by how much so many families spend on food... and in countries where I don't think the salaries are comparable to the U.S. I'm also shocked by how few fruits and veggies one sees in many of the pictures! You can see Coca-Cola in almost every one (except the rural families)... and Kellogg's cereal.,29307,1626519,00.html

Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday June 8

Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Lets see, well today was a much better day then yesterday. I was willing to give my kids away yesterday but today they were back to their cute selves and if you can believe it there was no climbing today. YIPEE!!!!

Nathan was quite upset today when he found out it was my birthday. He wanted to know if his Aunt Mary made me a cake and he I told him no he insisted we make a cake ourselves. We made a cake from scratch and it actually turned out pretty good. It was quite ugly as we had a very kids who were in a big hurry to frost and decorate but its the thought that counts, right? Nathan also dumped all his toys out and picked out some "gifts" for me and wrapped them in towels to present to me. Honestly I have to give the kid credit for wanting to make sure his mom had a good day today. I heard him tell Zachary to not bug mom its her birthday.

We've been without internet for 36 hours. Honestly I was stressed about it but now I think I should have internet free days every couple of days. I got alot of things done in those 36 hours.

I asked Don about enrolling Nathan in a preschool program but he things we should homeschool to see if homeschool him through elementary will work for us. I think it will but I have my doubts every now and then. We had music/art day today and we really enjoyed it. I checked out a book from the library that had music on cd that tied in with famous art and we listened and looked. All three boys enjoyed it and Noah led the orchestra.

Going back to my birthday, can you believe my husband left me home tonight so he could VOLUNTEER his services to his work. No takeout from a favorite resturant for my birthday, no instead I ordered crappy pizza from a crappy place and wasted my free calories on crappy tasting food. Whatever, I'll get over it but right now I'm pissed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday June 5

Today began our daily walking program. Overall it went well but I was stressed. First something is wrong with the stroller. I have no idea how it happen but one of the back wheels won't stay attached. Its not really a problem but if I move the stroller without being careful it falls off. The boys were actually pretty well behaved for most of the walk. Noah and Zachary insisted on walking most of the way (we were on a secluded trail) but they walk slow. I think tomorrow (if we go the weather is suppose to be nasty) we'll walk further since we are walking slow. After we were done walking I took them to the playground to let them play. The school district is giving free lunches at the school for kids so I was going to let them play until lunchtime started. I think they became bored at the park after one hour. Lunchtime didn't go well. First it was crowded and second it wasn't food that they really like. We ended up with chocolate milk, pbj sandwiches, and carrots. Nathan ate nothing and threw his food across the table. Noah ate about 5 bites out of his sandwich and then played with it. He did drink the milk. Zachary didn't like the texture of the bread (it was like a uncrustable) and just drank his milk. Even if the food was free that experience was not worth the time I spent fighting the kids. I ended up stopping at Paces so Nathan could have a corndog because that's what he was screaming about the whole time.