Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday March 14

Wow what a day! Noah actually slept through the night but after Don left for work he was up about every 15 minutes. Made for a very cranky mom. Nathan woke up asking for dad and then was very emotional all day long. He finally pooped (after several days without) and screamed for about an hour afterwards. Everytime I asked him what was wrong I got the "I can't stop crying." Then he asked to talk to dad so I called Don at work and he starts crying again, for another 2 hours. We never did find out what was bothering him.

Another really nice spring day here in Utah. The boys spent some time outside playing in the backyard. I've decided we need some new digging toys for outside after almost all of the shovels and such broke with play today. I guess we know what's going in the Easter baskets this year.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday March 13

The weather was so nice today. The boys dressed in shorts and short sleeves went out to play in their new sandals. They enjoyed being outside so much. I'd say they spent a good 5 hours outside playing today.

Noah has figured out how to open doors which means mom needs to make sure the deadbolt is locked on the front door before taking a shower or going to do laundry. After chasing dogs for about the 30th time in the last week you'd think I'd have learned by now.

We did find out today that Noah loves to eat sticky rice. He ate about 1 1/2 cups of it for a pre-dinner snack and didnt eat any of his dinner.

I served the boys pineapple for the first time today. Nathan doesn't like it (like I didn't see that answer coming). Noah ate a few bites of his but remember he ate a ton of rice before being served dinner so I'll have to try that on him again. Zachary ate pieces of moms pineapple but wanted nothing to do with his pieces, as usual.

Something is wrong with the keyboard here at the computer and although I try to go back and fix errors I don't catch them all. The letters don't always show up when pushed. We really need a new computer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday March 12

We were going to take the boys to the daycare at the gym and then swimming but they were still so tired from the musuem yesterday we let them sleep in. After they woke up we went to do a few errands.

We took all 3 boys into the produce stand for the first time. The twins were running around exploring. They loved all the candy they have there too. When they were picking apples Noah kept trying to eat the apples as they went into the bag.

Afterwards I decided to leave the twins in the car with Don while Nathan and I ran into the grocery store for some needed items. Nathan tried to talk me into buying everything he saw.

When we got home Don waited until the twins were taking their nap then he left to workout. Nathan decided that it was spring and he needed his sandals. I went and found his Buzz sandals but they were a little small on him. Plus Noah was fighting Nathan for the sandals. So when Don came home we went to buy sandals for the boys.

First stop Target. As we pull into Target's parking lot Nathan announces he wants Cars sandals and that's all he wants. Of course Target had no Cars sandals. Noah wanted the Thomas the train sandals and Zach could care less at the time so I picked up some Buzz sandals for him. We actually got out of Target without buying toys.

Next we went to Mervyn's for Cars sandals. They had some but none in Nathan's size. I had them call around but none of their other stores had any.

Off we went to Payless and we scored. Nathan was so happy. As we walked out of the mall with our new sandals on he claimed he could run faster. Back out in the car Don tells me that Zach won't wear his sandals.

Oh well!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday March 11

Today we took the boys to the Utah Childern's Musuem. This was our first time going to this musuem and they had so much fun. There was so much to do and it seemed like we'd never get to all of it.

First stop in the musuem was the Beehive. You could play with plastic balls and they had different ways to play with them in the Beehive. Noah and Zachary really enjoyed this. Out near the Beehive was a big music place and all 3 boys loved playing the music.

Next they went into the construction area. In their they have tools, blocks, hard hats and such for kids to play with. They loved trying to build things with the blocks but I think the favorite spot for Zachary was next to the crane pulling up the platform.

The also had a pretend house. The twins loved playing in the kitchen setup but Nathan barely even looked at it.

They had a really nice water feature that was a HUGE hit with Nathan. The twins loved it too. All three boys really love water so you know this was a big big hit.

They loved the pretend store and farm. All three of them got to ride the house. They had cars for the boys to play in too.

Upstairs was fun too. The boys like the helicopter and enjoyed playing in that. They all took turns doing a newscast.

There was so much to do that I know we didn't do most of them. We bought a family membership so we'll go back and enjoyed the musuem again without feeling like we have to look at everything.

Here's a link if your interested in what the musuem is like:

Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10th 2007

We took the boys to daycare at the Aquatic center today. Don went to workout and I spent a few minutes in the open house for home based businesses then I went to work out. Afterwards we picked the the boys up and took them swimming.

Zachary and I were not the first into the pool, as we usually are. Noah and Nathan had made it to the pool before we emerged from the locker room. Don never makes it out before they do. Oh well, I guess Zach and I need to dress faster. They sure had fun today. Noah and Nathan made trips down the big slide with Don and Zach got to play on the steps.

After swimming we went to the library where Nathan banged another car with the door. The people were furious and insisted on filing a claim with our insurance. There were no movies that the boys wanted and I don't think they were too happy.

We went to lunch at a new place called Hog Wild. Pretty tasty food but the kids didn't eat anything, as usual. After I went into Target to get Nathan some "big" boy puzzles.

The twins stayed asleep when we got home and Nathan played with his new puzzles. Nathan received a call from his cousin Hunter and just can't understand why he couldn't just run and play with him. We did invite Hunter to the musuem with us tomrrow so we will see.

Friday March 9 2007

The boys slept late today but I was up at the normal time today. I did get the twins to take a nap this afternoon. However we never got out of our pj's. The weather was sort of iffy but they did spend some time outside playing and I did get some really cute pictures of the boys from outside.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Wow what a day! The twins have decided they don't need naps although they can't quite make it through the day without one. They sure can be cranky when they haven't had a nap.

The day was nice enough that the kids went outside to play. All three of them played without fighting. They really enjoyed digging in the dirt hole we made them last year. Even Tanner, the dog, helped with the digging. I really wish the weather would get nice and stay nice so the boys can play outside most of the day.

The Backyardigans Yeti episode was on today and the boys really love that one. The run around yelling "Yeti, Yeti, Yeti" for hours after watching it.

We were going to take the boys to the grocery store yesterday but with them missing their naps I didn't want to deal with crankiness at the store. Good thing we didn't as they took a nap while I was at the store.

We had a few troubles getting them to sleep but mostly I think the problem was because they had such a late nap.