Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Report for 2/22-2/26

The weekly report for Nathan (1st grade, age 7).

Math: K12 regroup subtraction, problem solving, estimate and measure, Rod and staff, Kumon counting money, kumon word problems, and daily math review

Science: K12
super strong stems, flowers and fruit

History: K12 Trojan War

Handwriting: Handwriting without tears 1st grade book

Grammar: Voyages in English 1 we are learning verbs. We also read If You Were a Verb and To Root To Toot To Parachute, daily language review

Phonics: This workbook and we've been reading Dr. Seuss books.

Literature: Almost done with Farmer Boy.

Geography: learned about grids and how to determine distances on a map using Rand McNally.

Bible: LifePac Bible 1

Logic: Lollipop Logic

Weekly Reader: Finished the Olympic reader and started the Science Spin issue

Health: Learned about being unique and alike and different. Using Horizons K.

Art: Using What's the Big Idea? and we learned about abstract faces and above are pictures of our attempt at abstract pictures. Nathans is the yellow one and his brothers did the other two. Also using enchanted learning for St. Patrick's day projects.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Report for 2/15-2/19

Again these are just for Nathan (1st grade, age 7).

Grammar- Finished with writing a formal letter and mailed it to Grandma. We also started a unit on verbs. We are using Voyages in English and it's still a good fit for us. Nathan loves the assignments and all the writing provides him with some much needed practice in handwriting. Also we do a daily language review which happens to be one of Nathans favorite things to do.

Literature- Still working our way through Farmer Boy. I think maybe it was a little much for Nathan as he's not wanting to do anything else besides listening to the reading. Hopefully we can get this done this week or next and move on to Mr. Poppers Penguins which I think he'll really like.

Phonics- Working through a workbook that I picked up at Barnes and Noble since every where (okay at least the places I have tried) is out of stock on the Explode the Code Book 3. And now I see a few places that have it in stock again.

Math- Working on adding two digit problems, subtracting two digit problems and regrouping to add and subtract two digit numbers. Still using the K12 program but adding in other practice books. We are using Rod and Staff Math 1 Workbook #2 for review of the basics. We are also using Kumon Counting Coins and Kumon Word Problems 1 for practice and review. We do one page daily and rotate the books. Also we are using the daily math review which again Nathan really loves.

Science- Working on the section on plants from K12. Honestly the science has been so dry its hard to do the work. Hopefully I can find a much more interesting program next year for science.

History. We've started Ancient Greece and have been learning about the Gods and Goddesses. We are using K12 but next year I think we will move on to another history program. Again we just feel like its not very interesting.

Weekly Readers- We worked on the President's day and finished the Olympic one.

Art- Learning about abstract art. Trying to find an art program that we like.

Finally we did a field trip this week. We went to Clark Planetarium. The boys enjoyed walking through the planetarium and doing all the fun activities. We also watched the movie Secrets of the Cardboard Rocket on the dome. It was so much fun. The kids are still quoting facts about space they learned in the movie. Overall it was a tiring day but we really had a blast. We rode frontrunner down (commuter train) and caught trax over to the planetarium. Again the train ride was as much fun for the kids as the planetarium.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Report for the past two weeks

I've fallen behind on updating the weekly reports so I'm going to do the past two weeks quickly and call it good.

Math- adding and subtracting two columns. This has been a challenge but I "think" we've finally got it down. We've also been working on supplementing k12 math with the rod and staff 1st grade math, and two kumon books. One book is counting money and the other is story problems. Also we are doing daily math review through the Evan Moor program. Also playing the game Sum Swamp for even more math practice.

History- Ancient Greece. We learned about the daily life in ancient Greece and the Greek Gods and Goddesses. This week we will be watching a Jim Hanson Muppet movie about the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Science- Started learning about plants. We have some baggies filled with seeds in various spots around the house to find out what type of conditions are best for growing plants.

Geography- Working our way through the RandMcNally geography book.

Voyages in English for grammar. We just finished the section on nouns and are learning to write a proper letter. Grandma look for a letter in the mail later this week.

Still working our way through Farmer Boy.

Nathan started reading several Dr. Seuss books and is loving them.

Weekly Reader- We learned about the Olympics and President's day.

I'm sure I'm missing things but there you go what we've been working on for the past two weeks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toy Story Mania

Nathan had his birthday over the weekend. All he wanted was Toy Story items and somehow he talked my sister into making an awesome birthday cake for him. He was/is thrilled with the cake and is still talking about it.