Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Week of School

We had a rough first day, a pretty decent second day, a really rough third day, and then today which turned out pretty good. I'm realizing I have scheduled far too heavily in some subjects and way too little in other subjects. I think in the next week or two we will get the hang of things. Since so many of my homeschooling friends are posting schedules this week I thought I'd post a little of what we do.

School starts at 9:15. We start with a review of the day of the week, the month and the date. Then we recite the Pledge. Next everyone works on math, followed by spelling, handwriting, grammar, and writing. Then we usually take a 10-20 minute break.
Next we work on reading skills, learning to read (twins), and a few other reading related items. By this time it is usually 12-12:30 and we break for about 45 minutes for lunch.
After lunch we work on history (everyday), science (right now 2 times a week may be moving this to three), music (two times a week one being learning instruments and the other day singing), art (two times a week, once being a crafty or seasonal thing and the other day being an instruction in some fundamental of art), health (twice a week),  and geography (daily).School is usually over by 3 pm although some days much earlier and some days much later.