Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20

I bought the boys some Buzz Lightyear stuff from the Disney store and it came on Monday. Well the boys were all excited over their new stuff but have really enjoyed the Toy Story masks that came. We received a Woody, Zurg, Buzz, and Jessie mask. Of course, none wants the Jessie, and they are quite good at sharing the other three masks. Whoever is wearing the Zurg mask gets to start fighting with Woody and Buzz and than Woody and Buzz defeat Zurg. They keep this up for two to three hours before taking a break from playing. Well worth the money spent on these masks. I've never seen all three boys play so nicely with any toy.

Favorite books that we've read so far for Halloween:
Room on the broom- The boys love this book. They have memorized certain parts and will read along with me. It's a very cute book with lots of reptition and fun parts.
We're going on a Ghost Hunt- Again the boys really like this book. They try to read along but haven't quite figured out all the words yet. This book is longer than the previous book and at times I find the words awkward but it is a very cute book. Again lots and lots of reptition but there are also parts where the kids can answer questions and they love that part of the book.

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