Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 27

It's been a rough couple of days. I don't know why but the twins really need a nap but they do everything in their power to avoid naps. I wouldn't mind if they went to bed easily at night but its a battle every night. I get so tired of fighting them to go to bed. On the weekends its not a big deal as I can turn the television on in the living room and they can stay out with their dad until they get tired but during the week its a huge deal. I really need my 8-10 hours of sleep or I don't function well at all.

I had a migrane headache yesterday. Lucky for me the boys took pity on me and took it easy until dad came home. Noah kept asking if I was "o-tay" and patting my head. Nothing makes you feel better than your two year old getting himself into the perfect position to look you right in the eye, stick his fingers up your nose with one hand, and with the other patting your head while asking if your o-tay.

God bless our neighbors in the back. My boys love these two ladies to death and they are just angels with the boys. I'm not sure what problems they have but I think they are developmentaly delayed in some ways but they are just the sweetest ladies. They love the boys as much as the boys love them. They are constantly bringing treats for the boys and just love to listen to them talk and play. A couple of weeks ago they asked if they could take the boys to the park and I really wasn't sure so I went with them, the park is across the street from their house, but now I feel quite comfortable with them taking the boys. The boys listen very well for them and those two ladies are constantly looking out for the boys. We are truly blessed to have such sweet ladies living behind us.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 20

I bought the boys some Buzz Lightyear stuff from the Disney store and it came on Monday. Well the boys were all excited over their new stuff but have really enjoyed the Toy Story masks that came. We received a Woody, Zurg, Buzz, and Jessie mask. Of course, none wants the Jessie, and they are quite good at sharing the other three masks. Whoever is wearing the Zurg mask gets to start fighting with Woody and Buzz and than Woody and Buzz defeat Zurg. They keep this up for two to three hours before taking a break from playing. Well worth the money spent on these masks. I've never seen all three boys play so nicely with any toy.

Favorite books that we've read so far for Halloween:
Room on the broom- The boys love this book. They have memorized certain parts and will read along with me. It's a very cute book with lots of reptition and fun parts.
We're going on a Ghost Hunt- Again the boys really like this book. They try to read along but haven't quite figured out all the words yet. This book is longer than the previous book and at times I find the words awkward but it is a very cute book. Again lots and lots of reptition but there are also parts where the kids can answer questions and they love that part of the book.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18

Wow I have not updated this blog in awhile. I've been crazy busy and just plain forgot. Let's see updates on us:
Homeschooling is going great right now. I'm amazed each and everyday at how much my kids are learning and I love to watch how they just get it sometimes. We are starting our Halloween unit this week and the boys are so excited. We also read 5-10 books every night before bed. This has become a very popular event in our house and each child has their own favorite books. We use the library to try out new books and buy ones that we really like.

Me- Didn't win at the Davis County fair for my picture but I learned alot. I was going to enter a picture in the Utah State Fair but totally spaced the entry date. I was also going to enter a bread but decided not too. I've been canning like crazy for the past few weeks. I did pickles, corn relish, pickled beets, sliced peaches, peach pie filling, frozen peach preserves, applesauce, and apple pie filling. Last week I hurt my leg and I'm slowly starting to recover.

Nathan- We gave up on teaching him to read right now. I can't find a phonics program that he enjoys and I'm not much for forcing a child into something they just don't get. He is still a huge Buzz Lightyear fan and wants everything he can get that's related to Buzz. His speaking skills are getting better but his eating is getting worse. I'm thinking of maybe putting him back into eating therapy.

Noah- What a character! This kid is a hoot. He just loves life and loves playing. He loves his wah wah (his twin) and his dogs. He's always going out of his way to take care of the dogs. He's so close to potty training but just doesn't like to stop doing anything to go use the potty. He does throw huge temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

Zachary- What can I say, he's a very demanding child. I lose my temper with him all the time. I think maybe he should have been an only child. He's just as big of a Buzz fan as his older brother.