Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday May 7

We've been busy little bees the last few weeks. For Earth day we took the kids to Antelope Island again. Nathan wasn't pleased with the smell that day. We were also told by the kids they didn't want to try the beach again (see older post about the horrible beach experience). They loved all the fun activities there. Favorites again:

Fielding Garr ranch house

seeing the buffalo up close

playing with the chickens

getting the roosters to talk to them

playing cowboy and using the lasso

the old wagon camper

A new favorite of the kids and mine: bird watching. Noah will sit at the window with the three bird books we have and call out everytime a bird comes to the feeders. The blue jays are providing us ample watching time. All three boys know the blue jays, robins, and chickadees by name. I'm sensing a trip to Tracy Avairy and some new books on birds for the boys.

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