Monday, July 21, 2008


I haven't updated this in awhile. I'll just give the run down on the boys.

Nathan is being typical Nathan. Somedays it seems his SID is going away and then there are days where it seems to be getting worse. I've convinced him at dinner time that he needs to take one bite of everything before deciding if he likes it or not. He's pretty funny because he sometimes says, "WOW I didn't even know I liked that." Nathan has also picked up a very annoying habit from the neighbor. Our dear neighbors behind us are a little "slow" and one doesn't really like to talk directly to Don or I. She'll say to her sister "Tell Norah, and she procedes with a story, and the repeats the tell Norah." Well Nathan has picked this up and its driving me nuts. I don't know how to get him to stop but if doesn't stop soon my head is going to pop of my neck.

Noah is king of the naked people. This kid would proudly go naked 24/7 if we allowed him. He is officially known in the neighborhood as the naked bike rider. He is also king of getting into trouble. He has this intense desire to play in water and to dump things. He constantly has the water on outside and if you can keep him from turning the outside water on you'll find him indoors in the bathroom playing in the bathtub or sink. Yesterday he dump all the hummingbird food out, my dad's mesquite wood chips, a bag of peanuts for the birds, and a bag of flour. Today he dumped a bag of sugar and a bag of quinoa. He is the biggest animal lover in the house and loves to call out the birds that visit.

Zachary is still the child who should have been an only child. He needs more attention than the others and is a very needy child. He worships Nathan though. I think it drives Nathan crazy when Zachary has to do everything Nathan does. He is going to be the sports star in the family. I don't think there's a sport out there that Zach isn't interested in. He is also the family dare devil. I honestly don't know how we've managed to avoid having major injuries so far. Nothing phases this kid. Zachary has also declared himself the protector of the "Wiggles" shirts. These are the shirts I bought the kids to wear to a wiggles concert 3 years ago. The shirts no longer fit anyone and are stained and not in good shape. However Mr. Zach finds it very important to know where the shirts are at all times, gives the said shirts to the correct person (each kid has a differnt color), and will go after anyone not wearing the said shirt. While I would love to rid the house of these shirts I think these are something I want to save as a reminder of my kids childhood. They do really love those shirts.


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Sounds like fun!!! Is Noah feeling better?

Norah said...

Yes. Thanks for asking. He never did catch the croup but he sure was cranky and sick for a few days.