Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today we finished our tour of Australia. We made salt water colors and painted pictures. After they dried we hung them in the window and looked at the pretty colors of the salt. We also made a diorama of the Great Barrier Reef. I think Nathan had more fun with the diorama then the painting although he really loves painting. Tomorrow's stop in history is the continent of Europe with the first stop being Spain.

Nathan's handwriting is still not great. He does really good with some of the capital letters but struggles with the few lower case letters that we've learned. I used the preK Handwriting without tears program for his capital letters and right now we are learning lower case letters through the Code phonics program.

Noah is becoming the troubled child. The kid can't stay out of trouble. I did buy him a science experiement set and that has helped in so many ways. If this kid doesn't become a scientist of some sort I'll be amazed.

Zachary is still well Zachary. He worships his older brother. Everything Nathan does or says or buys or wants Zachary does the same exact thing. Even if its something he doesn't like in the first place.

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