Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday the twins turned 4. What a journey it has been! While I feel extremely blessed to have known the joy of having twins I have to say I would never wish them on anyone. I thought twins would just be twice the work while I was pregnant with them but honestly twins are like four times the work. It's been hard not to devote the one on one time that Nathan received with the twins. Nathan missed out on so much by not having his mother available the way she would have been if she only had one baby at a time to care for. I still get very frustrated with my parenting of the twins. I can't explain it but you can not parent twins the same way you parent a singleton.

I spent most the day yesterday reflecting on the day of their birth. I remember all the small details and had fun announcing throughout the day what happened at that time 4 years ago. I certainly hadn't planned on having the twins when I did as they weren't due for another month so I don't remember everything in great detail like I do with Nathan. Sadly I completely forgot to take a picture of each of them at the exact time they were born. I've done that every other year but it slipped my mind yesterday. Tomorrow they have their well child check and I look forward to seeing how much my little (okay not so little anymore) monkeys have grown.

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