Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Years

Today is my ten year anniversary. It's hard to believe its been ten years since we were married as the time seems to have flown. We were married at the now closed Pondersosa Ranch in Incline Village Nevada. We were married in the church from the television show Bonanza. If you ever catch an old episode of the show look for the church we were married in. We had our reception about a month later at the Ogden Ice Sheet. The first wedding reception ever held there. Our reception was the day JFK Jr's plan disappeared.

Funny story about today, neither Don nor I have had the time to get anniversary cards so today I mentioned needing to go to the store to get one. Don says I'll go with you. Off we went to the store and while standing in the store looking at cards he says to me, "Let's save money this year by just handing each other the card we were going to buy and after we read it we can put it back and leave the store with an extra $10 in our pocket." Not a bad idea as I am not really a card person. I've gone along with his tradition of a card just because its something he does.

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Becky said...

Norah, how did I not know you had this blog? I follow your recipe one..

I'm glad my crazy kids have competition. LOL

We don't do cards either.. works for us. :o)