Thursday, September 10, 2009

Archaelogical dig and Homemade Swimming Pool

Above our pictures of the twins and their homemade swimming pool with jumping platform. They can find endless ways to entertain themselves especially if allowed to play with the garden hose. No kidding this pool kept them entertained for well over 2 hours the other day.

The bottom picture is of the history project Nathan did for school. We were learning about archaeology and we decided to do our own dig. We filled a box with dirt than hid some little treasures for Nathan to find. After he found items he used index cards to label his findings, draw a picture of his findings, and to describe what he thought his items were used for. Overall it was really fun and the twins ended up wanting to join in the fun. We spent almost 3 hours doing digs yesterday.


Chantel said...

You are so creative with your kids. Looks so fun!

mama_g said...

What?! You didn't post the boys naked in the tub?

Norah said...

No I didn't want the perverts copying my pictures. Plus they wore suits this time.

Thanks Chantel!

KMDuff said...

Looks like a ton of fun!