Friday, November 6, 2009

Changes in Schooling

We have left the UTVA, Utah Virtual Academy. No we did not enroll Nathan in public school but we are changing course with his schooling. We signed up with Washington Online, which uses the same program as UTVA but you get to choose which subjects you follow. As such here are the changes we are making to our schooling:

Still using k12 for:

We dropped the language arts, phonics, art, and music.

Instead we will be using the following:

Bob readers
Explode the Code
Mc Guffey's primer (yes this is the book they used in the 19th century)

Language arts
Mc Guffey's primer
Mc Guffey's Speller
Grammar program by the Well Trained mind

we will find some fun basic art things from books at the library

dropping the study of composers right now and instead will be learning about instruments

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Chantel said...

I think your little boys are going to be so smart. Sure beats the public school curiculum