Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hand Poinsettia's

This was a cute idea and one the kids enjoyed doing. We cut the kids handprints out of green and red paper. Then we glued them to a paper plate with greens on the outside and reds on the insides. In the middle of the reds we placed a yellow circle. After we were done the kids asked to add glitter to the poinsettia's so I let them add a few touches to the flowers. The flowers are now hanging up in the front window for all to enjoy. The idea came from

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Chantel said...

Cute! I love your ideas! Licy and I did some today since we're quaranteed to the house. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm doing OK and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. The breathing treatments are helping. I sound less like a barking seal today. I'm also hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon! The bad thing is I have to work tomorrow. I have some patients with wounds that need to be seen. Crappy. I think I'll be wearing a mask all day!! Thanks again. Chantel