Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What was I thinking?

Today for a geography lesson I thought it would be fun to have the twins make paper mache globes. Well it was a great idea but it became obvious quickly that I didn't think the project through very well. The boys love making messes so sticky glue mixed with two boys who love messes wasn't a good match. Having a dad who hates messes like that didn't help in the project. In the end Noah decided he didn't like the glue and refused to touch it so I made his globe. Zachary was having a fun time but didn't quite get the whole balloon covered nor was all of his paper strips wet. Hopefully I was able to repair it enough that it will work out. Now to let them dry and I hope they dry quickly as I promised the boys they could paint it to look like a globe. Pictures to come as we finish the project.

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Chantel said...

Too funny!! We have a lot of days like that around here, too.