Thursday, August 19, 2010

School Starts Monday

And I think I am finally ready. A few last minute changes to the choices we made but I think we are set to go. I'm happy with our choices and can't wait to get started. Even the boys can't wait to start.
Here's a rundown, sorry not providing links this time but if you want a link comment and I'll you to it.

Noah and Zachary
Earlybird Singapore math
Math Mammoth 1
Galloping the Globe
Wordly Wise 3000 k
Handwriting without tears k
Kumon lowercase letters
Explore the code and explode the code
Elemental Science biology
Elemental Science intro to science
k12 science

Math Mammoth 2
Kumon Word Problems 1 and 2
Story of the World 2
Rand McNalley Maps
Cantering the Country
Voyages in English
Zaner Blosser Spelling 2
Wordly Wise 2
Explode the code
Song School Latin
K12 science
Elemental Science earth science
Weather forecasting program

All three kids
learning instruments in music
Evan Moor how to teach art k-6


Megan said...

Wahoo! Looks like a great year for all! Not sure when we are starting. Hubby thinks we might as well wait until Sept 1st, but part of me wants to get going.....but then again, part of me doesn't want to say "goodbye to summer" just yet!

Malina said...

Hope its a great year!