Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thought on Week One of the Declutter and Organization 2011 Challenge

One of the worst shelves in my kitchen. Things were just getting shoved in there as needed.
After getting rid of items that were expired or just past their prime. I also got rid of several containers that I was saving for who only knows what. It's not perfect yet but at least I can find items on this shelf.
A shelf on a book case in the living room. This was a scary shelf. Things go on this shelf to disappear and never to be seen again. I did find some missing items we had been looking for over the past year. It now only hold books like it is suppose to.
Not only can you see the books but you can find what your looking for.
This was one scary drawer in the bathroom. Sadly I found a missing pair of my contacts that expired 4 years ago. I'm thinking newborn twins isn't an excuse for that drawer anymore. I threw away bottles of expired medicine and bandaid wrappers.
I bought some little baskets at Target for $1.49 each. I thought my drawer was smaller than it is cause I only bought two. I should have bought three and a couple of the smaller ones.

I only got to four places this week. One place I haven't got pictures of yet. I'll get them as soon as I can. Stay tune for week two's challenge which I'll be posting in a few hours. Add a link to your accomplishments for the week so we can cheer you on.

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