Friday, April 15, 2011

Computer Desk Project

We had been using one 6 foot table and one 4 foot table as our computer desk. It sat in a "L" shape in our dining room and had no storage and was always cluttered with everything. I noticed a desk/table that was built in one of the magazines I've been drooling over for months now and thought I could build that easily. I made a few changes as I wanted a flat surface for the whole top and I wanted more storage than the one in the magazine had. I bought three in stock cabinets from Lowe's. The 18 inch four drawer base and 2 12 inch drawer/cupboard bases. I stained them with a red mahogany stain. The one in the magazine called for one base cabinet and four legs. For the top the magazine used an old door for the top but I bought two pine panels and just glazed them for contrast. Overall we love the desk. We did have to go buy bar stools because of the regular chairs we have were too low. 


Chantel said...

It's awesome. I love it!!!

Betty Aarcher said...

Great testimony, thanks. Betty, Mum of 3 adorable kids :-)