Sunday, August 19, 2012

2 Weeks and counting

I finally decided we were going to follow, for the most part, the local school district's schedule. So school will be starting the day after Labor Day. We are giving it 4 weeks. If things just don't seem to be working out for us the kids will be heading off to public school. I hate to do it but maybe it's what they need. Anyway I'm being positive and looking forward to what I hope is a fun filled year.

I've been busy planning things and getting things ready. I really need to get pictures of the school room even if it's not perfect. I've decided on a schedule of when we will do things and I think it will work.

This year we are focusing on science. I have one child who LOVES anything and everything science. He may not be liking science by the time we are done this year. 3 days a week we will be using a "school" textbook and working our way from 1st grade through 4th in those. I'll be adding in readers and loads of science experiments along with vocabulary words. Also one day a week we will focus on physics. I have loads of fun things for physics so that should be a hit and the other day we will focus on chemistry. What's not to love about chemistry? Potions and such it should be a hit. And one day will have a focus on nature. I want my kids to start being aware of nature.

We are also focusing on USA geography this year along with the 3rd year of k12 history. I love k12 history and I just can't give it up. Also Nathan will be learning Utah history.

New this year is Game Day Friday. We will get a few things out of the way and spend the rest of the day playing educational games. Hopefully it will work out perfectly for us.

Instead of having grammar daily and everyone getting upset over it we will only do two days a week with grammar and I have some fun things planned for grammar.

If you look back over some older posts you will see a lot of my ideas and plans. I just wanted another post confirming what we are doing. Feel free to ask any questions.


Megan said...

Hope your year starts well and keeps going that way! I love the concept of "Game Day Friday". Will you do this every Friday or just as they "earn" it?

Norah said...

I think it's going to be a weekly thing. However if they didn't "earn" it via attitude or doing work then I won't do it.

Lynette said...

How has school been going??? I hope much better. :)

Lynette said...

Hey, Norah! I wanted to ask you if you're still interested in the readers I blogged about awhile back. I've been a terrible procrastinator, so they are still sitting in my closet. I am sorry for not having sent them to you or asking you about them before school started...If you would still like them, please let me know via my e-mail: picklenetty at yahoo dot com. I hope school is going well for you and your boys! ~Lynette

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