Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm losing my mind

This weather had better change to nice sunny weather and soon. The boys have cabin fever bad and they are driving me nuts. Seriously I am about to up and move us to other state and/or country just so we can have nice weather on a regular basis. The worst thing about this weather is it tempts and teases the boys. One day its really nice so they can play outside and then the next its 50 degrees cooler and snowing. My boys are outdoor boys and this being stuck in the house is going to drive us all to the crazy house. I'm sensing a trip to an indoor museum where they can burn off some excess energy.


fmandds said...

Discovery Gateway time! Is your membership still valid?

Norah said...

No its not. I am actually thinking the treehouse museum and then counting towards Nathan's school.

mama_g said...

I am thinking your boys do not do well in a museum, but I see the king you mean now.

FYI Kangaroo Zoo is indoors but it all the way down here, those blow up bouncy things that all kids like to play on, they have a ton and they can just run around there.