Thursday, April 2, 2009

Noah was a trooper

Yesterday Noah had phase one of his dental appointments. I was really worried about how he'd do but he was a real trooper and let them do everything they needed to be ready for his surgery next month. They fixed four small cavities and started the prep work for his front teeth. You know the three that he has busted and chipped and basically destroyed. They did not give him a shot for the cavities instead they just used nitrous oxide. I don't think he really liked the thing on his nose but he never complained. I was really impressed with how well Noah did and of all the kids I knew he'd be the best at allowing the dentist to do work on his teeth.

I have to mention that I finally found a pediatric dental office with dentists that I feel I can trust. Everyone has heard the horrible experience we had with the dentist who did Nathans teeth and I put off getting anything done with the twins because of it. We ended up at a family dentist, Dr. Bronson in Clinton, but he did not feel comfortable doing the amount of work the twins needed. He referred us to another ped dentist in Ogden but as I was leaving one of his hygienist pulled me aside and suggested PCMC dental clinic. I went home and booked an appointment with them and have to say I really like the clinic. So much different then all the other ped dentists we've seen. I feel I can actually trust them and I actually feel very comfortable with them. One drawback is that they are not preferred providers for our insurance but I'm willing to pay a little extra for the trust I have in them.

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