Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Report for the past two weeks

I've fallen behind on updating the weekly reports so I'm going to do the past two weeks quickly and call it good.

Math- adding and subtracting two columns. This has been a challenge but I "think" we've finally got it down. We've also been working on supplementing k12 math with the rod and staff 1st grade math, and two kumon books. One book is counting money and the other is story problems. Also we are doing daily math review through the Evan Moor program. Also playing the game Sum Swamp for even more math practice.

History- Ancient Greece. We learned about the daily life in ancient Greece and the Greek Gods and Goddesses. This week we will be watching a Jim Hanson Muppet movie about the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Science- Started learning about plants. We have some baggies filled with seeds in various spots around the house to find out what type of conditions are best for growing plants.

Geography- Working our way through the RandMcNally geography book.

Voyages in English for grammar. We just finished the section on nouns and are learning to write a proper letter. Grandma look for a letter in the mail later this week.

Still working our way through Farmer Boy.

Nathan started reading several Dr. Seuss books and is loving them.

Weekly Reader- We learned about the Olympics and President's day.

I'm sure I'm missing things but there you go what we've been working on for the past two weeks.

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