Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Report for 2/22-2/26

The weekly report for Nathan (1st grade, age 7).

Math: K12 regroup subtraction, problem solving, estimate and measure, Rod and staff, Kumon counting money, kumon word problems, and daily math review

Science: K12
super strong stems, flowers and fruit

History: K12 Trojan War

Handwriting: Handwriting without tears 1st grade book

Grammar: Voyages in English 1 we are learning verbs. We also read If You Were a Verb and To Root To Toot To Parachute, daily language review

Phonics: This workbook and we've been reading Dr. Seuss books.

Literature: Almost done with Farmer Boy.

Geography: learned about grids and how to determine distances on a map using Rand McNally.

Bible: LifePac Bible 1

Logic: Lollipop Logic

Weekly Reader: Finished the Olympic reader and started the Science Spin issue

Health: Learned about being unique and alike and different. Using Horizons K.

Art: Using What's the Big Idea? and we learned about abstract faces and above are pictures of our attempt at abstract pictures. Nathans is the yellow one and his brothers did the other two. Also using enchanted learning for St. Patrick's day projects.


Daisy said...

Sounds like a busy week!

Moonbeam said...

Love the abstract art! It sounds like a very productive week.

WildIris said...

Wow! I saw the photo of your "handful" of boys. They look like they keep you on your toes. You sound like like you had a busy and productive week.

MissMOE said...

Looks like a great week. I love the title of your blog. My youngest are twins also! :)