Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Report 9/13-9/17

We took Thursday off and went to Gateway Mall. We rode the Frontrunner down and the boys loved riding the "train" and the light rail. Spent time at the planetarium looking at the exhibits and then let the boys run around in the water fountain. As usual I forgot a change of clothing so we had to run into Old Navy for some dry clothes.

Otherwise this is what we learned this week:
Math Mammoth (all three kids)
the twins learned addition facts 5 and 6
Nathan worked on tens and one, greater than and less than, he also worked in the Kumon word problem book and the counting book on his way to 1000.

Nathan worked on ETC book 3 (review for him) and reading easy readers plus worked on a reading comprehension book and the book 100 words you need to know in 2nd grade
the twins did explore the code book b and a few lessons from Ordinary Parents Guide to reading

Language Arts
The twins worked in WW3000 k on week 5. Plus worked on their handwriting.
Nathan finished learning about sentences in VIE, started a journal, learn his short I spelling words and worked on his handwriting in HWT.

Nathan finished week 2 of ES. We learned about solar eclipse's and more about the Earth. We finished the week by painting our dough map of the earth. Plus we worked on tracking the temperatures and clouds for our weather forecasting unit.
The twins finished up week 2 in ES by learning about the earth biomes. We also started week 3 and learned about mammals and lions. We also did week 3 in the intro to science unit of ES and learned about dilution.

Nathan continued learning about the Iroquois. We had an Iroquois dinner of maple molasses beans and a corn cake. He also made a wampum and we painted pottery.
The twins learned about Japan. We read loads of fun Japanese books and ate at a Japanese restaurant. We also made our own hanging fish and origami frogs.

I may have missed a thing or two. This week has been a struggle for us. If your interested in the actual books we used on anything let me know and I'll list them for you.


Daisy said...

What a combo! Iroquois and Japan. LOL. Those beans sure look yummy though.

Megan said...

What are you using for science? Great week!!! Mine was....h..a..r..d!!! UGH!

beaglemamma said...

I'm sorry your week was a struggle. It feels good to get a week like that over with and start fresh Monday!

What is the ES book you use for science?

Norah said...

Elemental science is the science program we are using.

WildIris said...

Your field trip to the planetarium sounds like fun--the train, the fountain, the adventure of it all and what to do when you find yourself unprepared for what you should have expected when kids and water mix. Great week! Thanks for sharing.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Your meals sound a lot more interesting then the ones at our house this week. And fountain playing is always fun! I wouldn't have thought to buy dry clothes though. LOL
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a yummy and productive week.

Chantel said...

We went to the splash pad and forgot clothes and ran to Old Navy. FUNNY! I guess great minds think alike!!

WildIris said...

You've been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award." Enjoy!