Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun

I always hear of all the fun traditions people have leading up to a holiday yet I never seem to get motivate to start many of those fun traditions in my house. This year is different. We made a big deal out of pumpkin selection, sorry no pictures though, and we made a few decorations for the yard. However one that I've always wanted to do but have never done is the Boo Poem. So I debated for several hours today over homemade goodies or store bought and then decided to go with store bought. We bought two bags of Three Musketeers bags and printed off the cute Boo Poem from here. We waited until dark, which given the ages of my kids was hard cause they caught the excitement, and carefully plotted out which neighbors we could Boo. My criteria was easy place to hide and someone we knew. I know it would have been more fun if we had hit someone we didn't know but for some reason I really wanted to people we knew. I figure the odds are we will be Boo'd ourselves so then we could do a family we don't know. Well it was really cold and rainy when we headed out and I was sure the noise my boys would make would get us caught. The good news is we weren't caught and the boys had a blast. Noah is already watching the door for someone to boo us. I hope we are selected to be Boo'd cause it will break his heart if we aren't. They are already plotting ways to do this for other holidays too. I think we may have found a tradition that works for our family.

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