Saturday, June 18, 2011

Geography Find #1

Geopuzzles! You don't even need to homeschool to enjoy these. It's a fun way to learn all the countries in the world and their location. I own all of the puzzles except for the full world one. The Africa one is missing from the photo collection above because I can't remember where I placed it after cleaning up the last time. Anyway the kids love helping to put the puzzles together and they love timing themselves to see if they can beat their previous time. Also they are getting really good at knowing the general location of where each country goes. It's a simple yet fun way to learn about the world and where places are located.

The puzzle tried to shape each country as it is in real life. Sometimes the bigger countries get put together in several pieces and sometimes smaller countries are put together so the pieces are super tiny. As a warning the pieces do not fit like traditional puzzles and if having an exact fit puzzle you will be disappointed. One thing we do is read the names of all the countries and then I have the kids leave the room. I then remove a few countries and see if the kids can remember the names of the missing ones. My kids are 8 and 6 and while they don't get them all correct they do better than the neighbors 12 year old who learned world history last year in school.

I think these would be the perfect supplement and possibly a full on curriculum for learning world countries and geography. The price on these puzzles run from $7-15 on amazon, not a bad price for hours of fun and learning.

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Megan said...

Ooooo, these look great! I want to do more geography next year! :)