Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Pictures 2011

We expanded the garden this year. We now have 12 squares within which we grow food. We do grow this stuff organically and this year after a really rough start our garden looks to be the best it ever had been.
What we planted this year, everything including fruit trees and fruit bushes is grown organically:
expanded our strawberry and herb patch
apples of some sort
our grape vines are producing high amounts for the first time, we have concord and himrod
23 tomato plants
6 tomatillo plants
12 sweet pepper plants
4 hot pepper plants
rainer cherry tree (planted this year)
raspberry bushes, fall gold and a red one that I don't remember right off hand
6 cucumber plants
one peanut plant
2 pumpkin plants
4 watermelon plants
2 cantaloupe plants
3 dozen sweet onions
white corn
Chinese red beans

Already harvested and gone:
snow peas
swiss chard
brussel sprouts
kolhrabi __________________


Chantel said...

It looks awesome!!! We didn't get to ours this year as the secondary water that supposedly came with the house didn't. Hopefully, we'll get that mess straightened out by next summer!!!

Megan said...

You are my idol. That's all. The end. Oh, and I am the one who can't post a comment on Lynette's blog..... thanks for your suggestions. I will try them. Her blog is the only one I am having trouble with. Weird!

Alice said...

Your garden looks great! (I followed your link from pyp)

Amy J said...

Wowza! Your garden looks AWESOME! Mine's doing pretty good this year too, but wow! Congrats!

btw, I found the link on your fb page. Good luck with your school year!! :)