Friday, July 15, 2011

Logic Find #3

I'm one of those people who can not figure out those little logic puzzles and I hate that fact. So I have been making sure my kids get to practice this skill all the time. I stumbled across this little gem at the local DI store for $1. Inside the book (as you can see from the pictures) are all kids of puzzles. The book starts off with Hide and Seek which has mazes, picture puzzles, and eye foolers. Followed by all the following types:
Riddles- Riddles from long ago, riddles from other lands, and joke riddles of today (today being 1982).
Brain Teasers- Puzzles in which the answers are "right under your nose."
Mystery!- A mystery story about a stolen vase, for you to solve.
Shufflers- Puzzles in which you can move toothpicks, coins, and buttons to make shapes and designs.
Ponderers- Puzzles that take lots of thought.
Brain Twisters- Puzzles in which you have to sort out may clues.
Look and Think- Puzzles in which you have to see in your mind what you can't see on paper.
Wordles- Hidden words, scrambled words, and secret codes.
Arthmeticks- Number puzzles, some of which are jokes and tricks.
Brain Busters- The hardest and trickiest puzzles of all.

Never fear if your like me and can not figure them out. The answers are in the book, usually with the description of how to solve the puzzle. You don't even have to homeschool to get use out of this find. It would be fun for anyone. The name of the book is The Puzzle Book. It's put out by Childcraft and this book is part of the 1982 Childcraft Annual series.


Chantel said...

Um, yeah, I'd be horrible at that book. Brian would be awesome, though. I guess he'll have to teach the girls logic!!!

Mary said...

I love the Childcraft books. Awesome find!

Lynette said...

I also love Childcraft books! Even thought the ones I have are outdated, I never get tired of looking through them and my kids don't either. :)