Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here's what I have to do (and 11 other lucky readers :) :) :) )
1. Post the rules
2. Share 11 random things about myself
3. Answer the 11 questions from the post in which I was tagged
4. Create 11 new questions for my tagees to answer
5. Tag 11 people - legitly

11 Random Things About Me
1. I hate social gatherings that have more people I don't know then I do know.

2.  I've never skied and I don't desire to ever learn how.

3. I love to collect books. I could open my own library with my collection of books.

4. I love laundry that smells really good. I'd prefer great smelling laundry to cologne or perfume any day.

5. I'm told all the time I do not look my age.

6.  I have three kids who were all conceived at the same time yet are almost 2 years apart in age.

7. All three of my kids spent time in the NICU.

8.  I don't like to be in water that goes over my head. As long as I can touch bottom I am fine.

9.  I don't like heights or any ride that moves fast and is combined with heights.

10.  I'm known as the bird lady in my area. I started feeding wild birds about 4 years ago and I now have hundreds who visit daily. Plus I get some rare birds or hard to see birds here in Utah.

11.  I'm big on starting things but I have a hard time following through at times.

Questions for 11 Lucky People (should they choose to accept this challenge):
1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still being a stay at home mom but a much better housekeeper and mom.
2. What was your favorite part of school?the end of the day. I hated school. I hated being around people who didn't know me. Probably the main reason I homeschool.
3. How did you meet your significant other/spouse? (I'm a hopeless romantic) I went to watch a male friend play recreational hockey at the Ogden Ice Sheet and my husband was on his team. To be honest he wasn't someone I had any desire to even be seen with at first but after a few months he grew on me.
4. I didn't like my name and wanted to change it when I was a kid.  If you could have picked out your own given name, what would it have been? Oh man I HATED my name as a kid. Hated is too weak but I'm not sure what word to use. I grew up when every one was name Jenny but I think I wanted my name to be Brittany, Amy, or Cassie.
5. What is your absolute favorite movie (if you can't pick just one, pick a genre)? I have two. The Goonies and The Mirror Has Two Faces.
6. What motivates you when you have the least amount of motivation? Rewards. If I find myself with no motivation I offer myself either a small or large reward depending on what I need motivated to do.
7. Is there a famous person (not necessarily a celebrity!) you admire? And why? Jackie O. She was a strong woman who knew what she wanted, how to get what she wanted, was shy in public situations, and yet was well liked by almost everyone.
8. Who was your favorite school teacher and why? Probably Mrs. Lakman or Miss Kotter. Both tried their best to help me make friends and didn't make life miserable for me in elementary school.
9. What subject in school did you struggle with the most? Succeed in? Math and science were my struggles. However I excelled in reading, history, and current events.
10.  What is your favorite thing about yourself? That I don't judge people. I've never been one to not like someone unless there was a major reason not too.
11.  Have you been to a foreign country (other than Canada -- I just don't consider that a foreign country. :) )? And if so, where -- and why? :) No, never, and not sure I want to.


Lynette said...

I'm so glad you did this! I love that your Random #2 and #5 are the same as me. :) And #4 from the other set of questions makes me laugh because I always wanted a "cheerleader" sounding name like Jessica or Ashley or Michelle.

It was really nice to read a little bit more about you! You sound like a terrific person and a great mother. :) :)

Megan said...

Cool, Norah! I always hated my middle name. It's "Belle" after my great-grandmother. Now, I love it because it's unique. I like it so much, I gave it to my oldest daughter as HER middle name!!