Monday, April 30, 2007

MondayApril 30

Well its been awhile since I posted. The boys have been crazy and I've been trying to cut back on internet time. But here are some updates:
Noah was sick with croup earlier in the month but is doing better now. He's the only kid in the family who doesn't whine (thank goodness I don't know if I could make it through 3 kids whining). He loves to swing on the free swing set we scored, neighbor had one she didn't want and asked if we wanted it.
Zachary is doing well. He started to get sick too, like Noah but I started him on Orapred before he got as bad as Noah did. He's still the most daring of all the boys and I'm constantly trying to keep him out of trouble.
Nathan is suffering from allergies big time. He's not sleeping good at all and is just plain miserable. Benadryl and Clartin are doing nothing for him so I may have to break down and take him to the doctor for a prescription drug.

Don set up the swamp cooler yesterday for us. I can't believe we finally have a cooling system in place for the hot weather. Bad news our roof is in really bad shape. The tiles are coming off big time. I hope we can make it to next spring before we have to replace it.

New month this month and I have new goals for the month. They are:
1. Grocery budget of $300. Between buying mainly organics and local foods I really hope we can do this. I've organized all my coupons and here's hoping I can do it. We do get some delivered from our local dairy and although they are sort of pricey I like it.
2. Fun budget $200. This includes clothes and books and all that sort of stuff.
3. Try to get the boys out of the house at least once a week on playdates.
4. I need to start exercising again.
5. Develop some sort of cleaning routine.
6. Buy and plant annuals and get the stone for the front yard bought.

Don finally agreed with me that homeschooling our kids may be a good idea. This month I am also going to start with some basic skills for the boys to learn. Also potty training is going to be big this month. I'm hoping we can be out of diapers during the day by the end of June with all 3 boys. I'm also going to work really hard to break the bottle habit they all have.

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