Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday May 1

I've decided to take Nathan to the doctor today. After listening to him wimper all day yesterday I just can't take anymore. He also took 3 naps yesterday which is so not like him. Last night he kept waking up every 5-10 minutes. He also was running a fever, 105 at one point. His stomach region was burning hot too and was 110.

Don got a nice taste of trying to watch three boys and do other things last night. Nathan was screaming about how he needed soda pop so I left to go buy him some and left all the kids with Don. When I came home before I even stepped into the house I could just sense that something had happened. I walk through the door and there's Noah waiting for me soaking wet with his Bug Juice (a kids drink). Noah has this stupid habit of spitting his drink out in a big spray and it appears he had fun while I was gone. Turns out he'd gotten the table and all the chairs wet too. But that was not the biggest mess in the house. Zachary (for the 4th time in the last 2 weeks) had opened the fridge and taken a dozen eggs out and proceeded to crack them all open all over the dining room floor. I don't get why he thinks its so much fun to crack the eggs open but he does. Don was livid. He was so upset. Honestly I got a good laugh since he's always saying to me "I don't get why you can't do stuff in the house, I never have problems with the boys when you are gone." Pay back is a bitch sometimes.

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