Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday March 14

Wow what a day! Noah actually slept through the night but after Don left for work he was up about every 15 minutes. Made for a very cranky mom. Nathan woke up asking for dad and then was very emotional all day long. He finally pooped (after several days without) and screamed for about an hour afterwards. Everytime I asked him what was wrong I got the "I can't stop crying." Then he asked to talk to dad so I called Don at work and he starts crying again, for another 2 hours. We never did find out what was bothering him.

Another really nice spring day here in Utah. The boys spent some time outside playing in the backyard. I've decided we need some new digging toys for outside after almost all of the shovels and such broke with play today. I guess we know what's going in the Easter baskets this year.

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