Saturday, November 29, 2008


The kids and I have been sick now for a week. Whatever we had was not fun. The kids woke up last Saturday with fevers and pretty much stayed sick until late Monday early Tuesday. Lucky for me I didn't start feeling bad until after the kids started on their journey to recovery. Now Don is feeling as miserable as we felt earlier in the week.

I am done Christmas shopping for the boys. I braved the day and went out first thing yesterday morning to shop. My mom picked me up around 4am and we shopped until about 2 pm. I found Nathan a telescope which he really wanted. Our neighbor has a really big and fancy one that he will set up and allow the kids to come over to see. I think the kids would spend most of the night over there looking at the moon and stars if I would let them. The one I bought Nathan isn't real fancy and was pretty cheap but I didn't want to spend tons of money on one until the kids were a little older.

I met my new nephew, Iggie, this weekend. Gosh I don't remember my kids being that small but I know at one time they were. Its amazing how quickly they grow. Sure enough, Nathan mentioned on the way home that he was pretty sure Santa was bringing him another brother for Christmas.

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