Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's been awhile since I posted. Life has been busy. Not much new happening in the house so I'll just give updates on everyone.

Don- Still as grumpy as usual. He's so not into the holiday spirit. We nearly had to twist his arm off to get the lights put up and only after we agreed not to turn the lights on till the day after Thanksgiving. Not much help at picking Christmas presents for the boys either.

Me- I completed a sewing project. I made Wonder pet capes for the boys. Now you may be thinking so what but I can't sew at all so this was a huge accomplishment. Okay I cansew pillowcases but that's all. My big plan was to make the capes for Christmas presents but there was a major flaw in my plan, I took Zachary shopping with me when I bought the fabric. I picked up the red fleece and was looking over the blue when he said we need green too mom for the capes. While the capes aren't pretty the boys love them and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Too bad my 8th grade sewing teacher isn't around to show my capes to.

Nathan- He loves writing words. He loves to spell. He hates learning how to read. He actually said to me why do I need to learn to read you do a good job of reading to me mom. He's great at math and rapidly completing his kindergarten math class. His new obession is the Wonder Pets although the Wiggles are still big for him too. I have no freaking clue what to buy him for Christmas. Last year I had hundreds of ideas and this year nothing.

Noah- Boy is he turning into a trouble child. His new favorite phrase, I'm gonna kick your butt. Anytime he doesn't get his way he threatens to kick our butt. Enjoys doing the Wonder Pets with the others but does his own thing. He's a smart little kid. Keeps right up with Nathan in math, phonics, and spelling. Doesn't like to write though.

Zachary- What can I say about him? He's one of a kind. Still worships his older brother. Totally obessed with the Wonder pets and the Wiggles. Constantly asking me if his wiggle shirt is clean. He has started to want to write. He's always hollering I made something. Once in awhile he actually really does write a letter or number. Other than the writing shows no interest in any of the school work Nathan does.

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