Sunday, November 30, 2008


I forgot to mention that on Thanskgiving we had the boys do a 1k turkey run in Bountiful. I wasn't so sure on having them do the race as we've been battaling a cold for the past week but I agreed to let them run. So here is the run down on how the 1k went for the boys:

Nathan took off running with his brothers and ended up far ahead of them. Somewhere along the way he caught up with his cousin Hunter and they walked/ran for the rest of the way. He finished probably middle of the pack.

Noah and Zachary started running and as they saw the playground they slowed down. Eventually Don says they decided to finish the race. Zachary ended up going on a nature walk during the race. They were the last two runners to cross the finish line. Noah crossed a few minutes before Zachary. I have to say the winner for the proudest finisher should be Zachary. He looked like he was barely going to make it across the line until he saw the people cheering at the finish line. He ran through the finish line with the worlds biggest grin and was so excited when he was handed a medal.

Overall it was a fun experience and one I can't wait to make a tradition every year.

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