Friday, February 6, 2009


Today my oldest turned 6. I can not believe how old he is. I think back to the years when I was trying to get pregnant and I never thought I would ever have a 6 year old. Now all I can think about is how quickly the time has flown. So in honor of his sixth birthday I am going to post a few things about him.
Nathan's favorite color is purple. Why, because Jeff Wiggle wears purple.
Nathan loves to write little notes to everyone in the house.
Nathan is a very mellow go with the flow child 99% of the time.
Nathan does not like to wear denim jeans. He will only wear them if every other type of pants are dirty.
Nathan has a very big imagination.
He can act out Toy Story and Toy Story II without getting a word wrong.
He loves waffles for breakfast and is quite disappointed if he does not get them.
He always asks for another brother when asked what he wants for Christmas. Yet he complains about the brothers he already has most of the time.


Megan said...

Very cute list! Happy Birthday, Nathan! I am so glad you have him! :)

fmandds said...

I can't believe you don't have picture of the cake on here yet. Lets see the cake! :)