Friday, February 27, 2009

Back from Disneyland

Nathan and Noah with their cousin Iggy.

There is no way I can cover everything in one post so I'm breaking posts down by day. Follow along on our journey if you'd like.

Saturday morning we head to pick up the rental van. If you've ever seen the Seinfield episode when Jerry has a car reservation but is told they are all out of the car he reserved you'll find the humor in our situation. Although we reserved a minivan they were out when went to pick up the van so they upgraded us to an SUV. I was a little worried at first about getting our three huge car seats in the suv but it all worked out. Btw we did get the suv for the same price as the minivan. Plus we scored a military discount on top of the price.

We head for the house to load the suv. I then began to worry that the cost of fuel was going to kill us but overall the suv got really good gas mileage. Anyway we were on the road by 11:30 am, only 30 minutes later than our planned start time.

We made pretty good time before kids started to fuss. Nathan got car sick around Nephi. Zachary's shoe, which is a funny story, had started to fall apart the night before. Don swore it would be okay for the trip but I packed the back up pair just in case. When we stopped in Scipio the whole bottom of his shoe fell off. Score another victory for me.

We had lunch at a little mom and pop resturant in Fillmore. Sadly I did not catch the name but it was the best food we ate on the whole trip.

We pulled into Vegas aroun 6pm and drove to my sister's house to visit for awhile. My little nephew Iggy is a cute little thing. After we drove Andrew and Tami nuts with the kids being wild we headed to Circus Circus where we were spending the night. It was horrible. I booked a manor room and was scared the whole time. The rooms was awful and I did not sleep at all.

More to come later.

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