Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here are the pictures of Don's and Nathans birthday cakes. My very talented sister Mary made the cakes. Nathan is still talking about his Mr. Potato Head cake. He really liked his cake.

So we leave for Disneyland in 9 days. I found an amazing deal and I was able to talk Don into going. I feel really bad that my sister won't be able to go with us but for the price difference between going now or in a few weeks it was worth leaving her here. We will be staying at the Disney Paradise Pier hotel. I also booked a character dinner for our first night. The kids are very very excited.

Zachary has rsv. It's actually been 2 years since he has caught this virus so I guess I've been very very lucky. However he gets very sick from it and it takes months to completely recover. Hopefully he'll recover quick so we won't have problems at Disneyland.


Megan said...

Awesome cakes! Have a great time in Disneyland! Yay!!

mama_g said...

You know Nathan would never leave the whole missing arms and ears thing alone. I snuck him into the kitchen to view his cake, he was very excited and his eyes were so big. He really LOVED this cake.