Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

These are the best of the pictures that were taken. I guess no one knows how to use the zoom on my camera. Anyway we had a really fun day together. We went to a local park and cooked out and played. It was perfect since I did not have to worry about the kids at a restaurant. All of my kids were completely wore out by the time we got home and they went to bed early which was a nice treat. We had a fun time and can't wait to get together again in about 2 weeks for another cook out.
BTW Mary I win! Tauna's birthday is June 5th. Remember never ever doubt me.


fmandds said...

You said June 7th you big liar. I told you to pick a date and you said the 7th. And you also said the 9th, never the 5th. So ha!

And the baseball field pictures I took were indeed taken using the zoom. That is just how far away the field was.

I enjoyed playing tennis with the entire family.

Norah said...

Excuse me I called June 6th. Plus I was closer on my guesses than you. And for the record I said June 4,5,6 or 7th and you made me pick just one. If I had been allowed to keep all the dates I thought it could be I still would have been right.
I'll have to go to the park and check that out because the zoom really zooms in.
I had fun too!