Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Report for 1/18-1/22

The Well Trained Mind forum, where I am learning loads of info, does a weekly report each week. I've been reading for weeks now and I finally feel ready to share what we do during our week.

Nathan (age 6, 1st grader)
Stanley and the Magic Lamp for reading time
His practice reading he read Fly High Fly Guy and Daniel's Pet.
Finished Explode the Code Level 2. He also worked on Starfall since I'm not sure what we are going to do for phonics.
Handwriting practice he continued working in Handwriting without tears Printing Book.
Spelling: Spelling Workout A, which I shared pictures of above. So far I am liking this program and Nathan loves it. We did lesson 6-10 this week.
Voyages in English 1: We worked on sentences. He's been learning about telling sentences, commanding sentences, questions, and exclaiming sentences. He's at the end of the chapter for sentences and we are working on a writing assignment about personal narratives.
We are finishing up our K12 stuff and then we will be moving on. I feel we just don't click with the k12 program anymore. Math he is learning about probability and chance. History he learned about King Solomon. Science is light.

The twins (5, starting kindergarten work)
30 minutes daily of Rusty and Rosie. This is a free state program that focuses on reading skills with some math and science thrown in.
Horizon Math K
Horizon Phonics K
Handwriting without tears preschool book
Zane Bloser Spelling Connections for kindergarteners
Zach has been listening to books on tapes.
Noah and I read Magic Treehouse book #2 The Knight at Dawn
We started a space themed science study since Noah wants to learn science.


Daisy said...

My son loved Starfall!

Sounds like things are going well! Thanks for sharing your week.

I always learn a lot over at the WTM boards, too. ;-)

Mandy in TN said...

If K12 isn't working, I'm sure you will find plenty of options on TWTM forum!;-)

Tonia said...

Welcome to weekly reporting! I find it's a great way to journal about your children's accomplishments.

It looks like you had a wonderful week. Keep up the good work!

Chantel said...

Awesome!! Seriously, can I send my kids over to you. Your curriculum far exceeds what they'll be getting in public schools! I'm happy with Alicey's private school but they may be closing due to lack of enrollment so we may not even have that option for her when she hits Kindergarten.

Norah said...

Thanks everyone!
Chantel- Sure I'll take them on.

Keri said...

Congrats on your first weekly report! Sounds like a good week. I have learned so much from the WTM boards as well.