Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly Report for 1/25-1/29

Nathan only. Okay I don't know why it didn't highlight all my links but if your interested in looking at the books we are using click on the name to see it.

We finished Stanley and the Magic Lamp. We started Farmer Boy. We are going to put together (hopefully) a little book about our readings with Farmer Boy.

Nathan wrote a personal narrative for English. He worked out ideas, then drew pictures of what he was going to write about and made sure he had a beginning, middle, and end. Then he edited and made a final copy. His personal narrative is the picture at the top of this post.

He has been learning about nouns. We learned about proper nouns and are now working on common nouns. We are using Voyages in English 1st Grade for our grammar and writing program. So far we both are liking the program. It does have loads of writing but he really needs practice with writing.

In math, we are still using k12 and supplementing with R&S Grade 1 book 2, he has been learning how to add and subtract two digit numbers. It's been a long math session each day but I think he is finally getting it. The R&S book is just for practice and its just been doing subtractions with one digit numbers.

He still is working in the Spelling Workbook A. He really likes the program and is progressing quite nicely with his spelling. It's a really simple workbook for him and I probably should have gone a level up but it's really improved his spelling.

I'm looking for a phonics program for him but he's been doing starfall and word girl for phonics this week. Plus he's been reading books from the library.

Science, again it's k12, we've learned about light. He learned opaque, transparent, and translucent and what they mean. We also learned about making shadows.

History, k12 still, he learned about the hanging gardens in Babylon and Ishtar and Tammuz.

We've been doing daily practice from Evan Moor in Language arts and math. This has been a huge hit for us. Nathan really loves doing these.

In music we found a book at the library and we are singing the songs. It's a Peter Yarrow Favorite Folk Songs book and its been a hit with all three kids. Here is a link to the book.

He did memorize some rhymes from an old rhyme book from the library.
I also started him with geography lessons. I found a fun little book and he's really enjoying this workbook.

Finally, and I think this is the last thing, we are working our way through the first grade Handwriting without tears. I have to say I think he is finally getting handwriting. His handwriting has improved so much, even from the beginning of the year. Maybe its all the writing practice he gets in Voyages in English.


homemama said...

My boys LOVED Farmer Boy! I think it was all the talk about food. :) Sounds like you had a good week!

Keri said...

My kids watch Toy Story and then play it too. :-) He did a nice job writing!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you did a lot in one week! I think your son's penmanship is great to be 6 yo! Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead!

Mandy in TN said...

Toy Story is such a sweet movie.It was a hit with all of my guys.

Karen said...

That is a great narrative for first grade. I love jump rope rhymes for the early years too. Nice week.

MissMOE said...

Sounds like you had an excellent week. Thanks for sharing it!

Liza Q said...

Farmer Boy!!! Homemama is right - it is all about the food! My teenagers still talk about it!

Mia said...

I highly recommend Explode the Code for phonics. I used it and my kids' teachers recommended it as well as several mom friends who used to teach. I blog about it at See entry: phonic workbooks. Hope this is helpful.

Pragmatic Moom

cyn said...

What a great week. We loved Farmer Boy- such a lovely story!

Elena said...

Good job for a little guy! We will try to read a Farmer Boy soon, we'll see how it goes.