Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekly Report for 1/25-1/29

Nathan only. Okay I don't know why it didn't highlight all my links but if your interested in looking at the books we are using click on the name to see it.

We finished Stanley and the Magic Lamp. We started Farmer Boy. We are going to put together (hopefully) a little book about our readings with Farmer Boy.

Nathan wrote a personal narrative for English. He worked out ideas, then drew pictures of what he was going to write about and made sure he had a beginning, middle, and end. Then he edited and made a final copy. His personal narrative is the picture at the top of this post.

He has been learning about nouns. We learned about proper nouns and are now working on common nouns. We are using Voyages in English 1st Grade for our grammar and writing program. So far we both are liking the program. It does have loads of writing but he really needs practice with writing.

In math, we are still using k12 and supplementing with R&S Grade 1 book 2, he has been learning how to add and subtract two digit numbers. It's been a long math session each day but I think he is finally getting it. The R&S book is just for practice and its just been doing subtractions with one digit numbers.

He still is working in the Spelling Workbook A. He really likes the program and is progressing quite nicely with his spelling. It's a really simple workbook for him and I probably should have gone a level up but it's really improved his spelling.

I'm looking for a phonics program for him but he's been doing starfall and word girl for phonics this week. Plus he's been reading books from the library.

Science, again it's k12, we've learned about light. He learned opaque, transparent, and translucent and what they mean. We also learned about making shadows.

History, k12 still, he learned about the hanging gardens in Babylon and Ishtar and Tammuz.

We've been doing daily practice from Evan Moor in Language arts and math. This has been a huge hit for us. Nathan really loves doing these.

In music we found a book at the library and we are singing the songs. It's a Peter Yarrow Favorite Folk Songs book and its been a hit with all three kids. Here is a link to the book.

He did memorize some rhymes from an old rhyme book from the library.
I also started him with geography lessons. I found a fun little book and he's really enjoying this workbook.

Finally, and I think this is the last thing, we are working our way through the first grade Handwriting without tears. I have to say I think he is finally getting handwriting. His handwriting has improved so much, even from the beginning of the year. Maybe its all the writing practice he gets in Voyages in English.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Report for 1/18-1/22

The Well Trained Mind forum, where I am learning loads of info, does a weekly report each week. I've been reading for weeks now and I finally feel ready to share what we do during our week.

Nathan (age 6, 1st grader)
Stanley and the Magic Lamp for reading time
His practice reading he read Fly High Fly Guy and Daniel's Pet.
Finished Explode the Code Level 2. He also worked on Starfall since I'm not sure what we are going to do for phonics.
Handwriting practice he continued working in Handwriting without tears Printing Book.
Spelling: Spelling Workout A, which I shared pictures of above. So far I am liking this program and Nathan loves it. We did lesson 6-10 this week.
Voyages in English 1: We worked on sentences. He's been learning about telling sentences, commanding sentences, questions, and exclaiming sentences. He's at the end of the chapter for sentences and we are working on a writing assignment about personal narratives.
We are finishing up our K12 stuff and then we will be moving on. I feel we just don't click with the k12 program anymore. Math he is learning about probability and chance. History he learned about King Solomon. Science is light.

The twins (5, starting kindergarten work)
30 minutes daily of Rusty and Rosie. This is a free state program that focuses on reading skills with some math and science thrown in.
Horizon Math K
Horizon Phonics K
Handwriting without tears preschool book
Zane Bloser Spelling Connections for kindergarteners
Zach has been listening to books on tapes.
Noah and I read Magic Treehouse book #2 The Knight at Dawn
We started a space themed science study since Noah wants to learn science.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I can't believe I am going to do this on my blog but the way everyone talks about the horrors of the political scene these days I have a small desire to talk about this. Hopefully I won't get too many hate comments or lose any friends. So here goes:

1. Love the fact that the democrats are no longer in control of all branches. I, personally, feel the country runs better with a democrat president and republican control of the senate and democrat control of the house. To me this is a perfect balance of powers. Some don't agree and that's fine.

2. No I don't think Obama is doing a great job. Am I disappointed I voted for him? No I am not. I loved McCain and McCain had my vote up until two things happened. One he completely changed his views and two he picked Palin as a running mate. I honestly think he could have overcome the first thing if he had picked someone else.

3. Jason Chaffetz of Utah. I like him sometimes and other times I find him just as bad as other politicians. I find his stance against the airport scanners sort of funny. This was put in place by a fellow republican, that Chaffetz's followers seem to have loved, to make the USA more secure yet he is against it. I see no better way to prevent terrorists from causing more problems than making it near impossible to smuggle anything on an airplane. Sorry Jason.

4. I am hoping Jon Huntsman Jr tests the water as a republican candidate for the presidency. I'd much prefer him over the media darling of Utah Romney. I do not and never have like Romeny. I just hope he wouldn't blow it with a crazy pick from vice-president like McCain did.

5. Health Care Reform. Well I'm not liking what the democrats have on the table right now but let's be honest something isn't right with health care in the USA as it stands. Sadly the republicans and democrats are both to blame for the problems we have now. They have allowed the insurance companies to have free rein and the ability to corner the market in all ways that we are in big trouble. It's sad when an insurance company is allowed to dictate the low ball amount they will pay a doctor and be allowed to tell that doctor that cash paying (non insured people) can not have a bigger discount than 15%.

That's it for today.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Changing Gears Yet Again

Well after the Christmas break I discovered that things aren't working the way I want them to be working so I'm reworking school plans again. The twins have decided they are old enough to do school work too so I'm working in lessons for them.

Noah has been asking to learn about the bible. The cute little girl up the street gave him a child's bible and he is just soaking in the stories and loves it. So I am adding bible study to our school. He also loves science and science projects so I am going to attempt to do a project a day with him.

I really need to find an art program and music program we can really get into. So far nothing has really peaked our interest for long.

Nathan found a child's dictionary at the library Thursday and can't get enough of the really cool book. I'm going to work on teaching him what a dictionary is and how to use it.

Changes to our program:

Noah and Zachary
Handwriting without tears preschool
Horizons Phonics workbooks
Horizon's Math
Horizon's Bible study
Horizon's Health
Rusty and Rosy computer program
Let's Read and Find Out Science books
Mudpies to Magnets
Enchanted Learning
Magic Treehouse Books
Weekly Reader Kindergarten
Science Spin Kindergarten
Zane-Bloser Spelling

K12 math (though I am moving to another program as soon as he finishes this subject)
K12 history
k12 science
Finishing the explode the code phonics book and then moving him to Horizon's phonics program
Level one readers
Flat Stanley
Adventures of Huck Finn
Spelling Workout
Voyages in English
Mad Libs
Daily practice (5 minutes for each) Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science
Horizon's Bible study
Horizon's Health
Enchanted Learning
Weekly Reader 1st Grade
Science Spin 1st Grade