Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Curriculum Review: Elemental History

I so wanted to do American history with the boys last year. So bad in fact I did the medieval world and American history.  Turns out it my boys love history so two history programs wasn't bad. However I can't say I loved this program. I loved the concept, sort of story of the world meets American history, but it didn't go as planned. I will say I liked the program and recommend it to anyone wanting to touch on American History lightly in the early years.

First what I loved. I loved adding literature to the lessons. I love reading and my boys love listening so having books that correlated to the lessons was wonderful. I love the idea of doing a craft that corresponded to the week's lessons.  I loved the fact her summary pages were just interesting enough that it made my boys wanting to know more about the events. I loved the fact she included additional books for reading and readers for the kids to read. Overall a great program for early elementary or someone just wanting to touch upon American history. And the price was a great deal.

Second now for what I didn't like. Honestly I think this program is geared towards girls. Most of the read out loud books were with girls as the main people. Not that it's a bad thing but for 3 boys they were starting to get antsy cause the boys weren't represented. Plus sometimes the read out loud books seemed out of place for the topics being covered but I realize that just happened because of how long some of the books were. The coloring and crafts again seemed more geared towards girls than boys. We did NOT like the learn the states that was included. I can't even answer why we just didn't like it and dropped it around week 3.

Overall if your looking for a curriculum that's easy to use and cheap I'd for sure buy this.  If you have girls I highly suggest this. If your looking for something more in depth, or geared towards boys I suggest you look else where or plan on doing some research and adapting the program to work for you. I used this program with 3 boys, my oldest who was 8 when we started and 9 when we ended and twins who were 6 when we started and 7 when we ended.


Lynette said...

An excellent review, Norah! I was wondering what that curriculum was really like, so thank you for thoroughly reviewing it. I had looked at the curriculum a year ago and was sorely tempted to buy it, but as you probably know, I didn't. :) How interesting that the author chose books geared more towards girls? That would drive my son crazy, too. I wonder if the author even noticed? Perhaps she only has daughters (isn't she a homeschool a mom?) and was specifically looking for books for her own daughters? Interesting, anyway.

Norah said...

Yes her oldest is a girl and then she has a young boy.