Friday, June 29, 2012

Curriculum Review: Geography from A to Z

I stumbled across this book a few years back at a yard sale. I bought it thinking it might come in handy. And yes it has been very helpful in learning the names of different geography terms. In fact when we are doing history and we learn about a new term the boys run to get this book so they can look up the new term.

It's written for grades 2-5 I would say. It's simple and easy to understand and includes pictures of the terms. All my kids take turns reading the descriptions out loud. Now the pictures are drawn and not real and a few pictures have some geography that typically wouldn't be together but I think the pros outweigh that con.  Descriptions are not long but short and simple to maintain a young child's interest.

Overall I highly suggest adding this book to your library if you have kids under age 10. I think for kids over 10 this book would be far too simple for them.

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