Thursday, June 28, 2012

Homeschool Change: Learning Money

I don't know about you but my kids are obsessed with money. Money money money. Some days all I hear about is money. And they don't understand the concept of once money is gone it's gone until you earn more. We've been doing allowance in hopes of teaching them about money. It's worked for one child. He has a savings and has been throwing most of his allowance in there for over a year. He has close to $200. The other two as soon as they get it they spend it and then cry about how I don't buy them anything ever. So this year we are going to learn about money and finances.

First up the Allowance Game.  This is a game from Lakeshore Learning. A kids version of PayDay. What I like about this game? It teaches kids to count money, handle money, and make change. Yes my kids will not be the ones at the store who stand there totally confused and lost when they mess up the money and can't figure out change.

Second up Monopoly Junior. What better way to learn how to count money then monopoly? And this one is set up as an amusement park so that should draw the interest of my kids.

Third The Kids Money Book. A book that talks about budgeting, saving, donating, and investing. It may be a little over their heads up it's easy to adapt to their levels.

Fourth Alexander who use to be rich. Who doesn't love this group of books? My boys love them. This is good since Alexander is just like the twins.

And the following resources:
The Penny Pot
The Coin Counting Book
One Cent Two Cent
Pigs Will Be Pigs
Eyewitness Money
What Can You Do With Money
The New Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids
The Young Investor
The Richest Kids In America
US Mint
And finally the original Pay Day Game.

Last but not least I will buy each kid at the end of the school year a coin set. I remember collecting these as a kid and I still have them. I also collect a few over the years as an adult. I really think my kids will love having these.

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