Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday May 20

Boy oh boy do my boys love the water. They love to play in it and they love to swim. Too bad mom doesn't share the love of water. We take them to the local aquatic center Monday mornings and Saturday mornings to swim after mom and dad work out. All the lifeguards love watching the boys, although they are quite daring in the water. They love to jump in and sometimes will jump when mom or dad isn't there to catch them. Nathan is becoming quite the little swimmer even if he can't seem to pass 2B lesson. The twins try to copy him and aren't far away from swimming themselves. They can't lessons at the pool yet because they aren't 3. The love going down both the little kids slide (which they can do themselves) and the older slide (which Don has to take them down). Getting them out of the pool is hard and usually results in lots of tears.

Warning to the locals: Don't go to Hungry Bear Pizza between noon-3 on Saturday's. The placewas very crowded and ran out of pizza on the buffet several times. I was so frustrated the whole time we were there.

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