Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday July 15

We've been pretty busy and not spending much time online the last few weeks. I decluttered the living room and move the furniture around. We got rid of almost 2 boxes of kids toys and move alot of the toys into the downstairs play room. I also decluttered the dining room and pulled all the paneling down. Now next month we will buy paint and paint the room and then finally lay some flooring down.

The boys have been doing great. Nathan has discovered fire and contantly wants us to build a fire with him. He did find a match and tried starting his own fire the other day. We had a big talk with him about it and hopefully he won't try to do that again.

I've been working on potty training the boys. Noah is pretty much done although we have a long way to go for night time training. However he does wait till he has a diaper to poop. Also he just pees into the potty with his underwear on instead of removing the underwear. Nathan still prefers a diaper and won't run around naked and Zachary is hit and miss. Noah is the only one who knows he's about to pee and will run for the potty.

We are also working on dropping the bottles. Right now I'm focused on not allowing bottles during the day. Once we drop the daytime bottles completely I'm going to start dropping the night time bottles.

Since I've been working hard on cooking healthy meals for my family, I've decided to start a blog with recipes we try that we like. Here's a link:

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